Slow down, unwind and relax in our Scandinavian hot tubs

Booking one of our Scandinavian wood fired hot tubs with your yurt holiday is a brilliant way to unwind and make your holiday even more memorable. Sitting back under a star filled sky watching the steam swirl and rise, soaking away the hustle the bustle of everyday life, it really is hard to beat. Book your glamping holiday with Scandinavian hot tub today.

It does take some time and a small amount of management to get the tubs up to temperature. This is all part of slowing down and the anticipation of jumping into that steaming hot tub at the end of it is well worth it and all part of the fun. Cook a meal, BBQ, have a drink, play a game, read, enjoy the company of others or just sit back and while away the time while your tub heats up, its all part of the experience.

  • All hot tubs are for your exclusive use for the duration of your stay with us.
  • It is your responsibility unless you have booked a pre-light service to heat the tub from cold. It takes between 2.5-3 hours to get to around 40 degrees, depending on the prevailing weather conditions.
  • Once hot the tub will stay warm for a further 14 hours and takes little further heating to bring to 40 degrees again.
  • For easy lighting our tubs are fuelled using sustainability sourced heat logs. We supply 10 heat logs per booking (20 if booked for a full week). This will be enough to heat the tub to temperature and extra to re-heat the following day. Additional heat logs can be purchased from reception.
  • In order to keep the water clean and safe during your stay we chemically manage the water quality using a chlorine based system. This is checked and adjusted daily as required.
  • Full information including lighting instructions, safe use and management of our tubs will be provided on arrival as part of our welcome pack.

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