Back to Nature Living

Furnished with a distinctly Moroccan feel with woollen rugs, bright colourful throws, twinkling fairy lights, solar lighting and large skylight, our Yurts are cosy, comfortable and definitely different, guaranteed to make you feel completely relaxed and away from it all.

Sit back, take a deep breath and relax. Feel the warmth of the wood burning stove, look up and let your eye be drawn up the roof poles, past the Moroccan lantern and through the large skylight where you will see the stars twinkling in the night sky…

Endless possibilities await on the holiday that lies ahead you.

Modelled on the ornate Turkmen Yurt and made in the U.K. from light coloured ash sourced from sustainable woodlands, our Yurts are extremely strong and are capable of withstanding anything the British weather can throw at them. The outside cover is made from a thick water tight poly cotton canvas. High enough, so you don’t have to bend down when walking around and set on a raised wooden floor. Come and enjoy a back to nature family friendly glamping holiday without compromising on the usual luxuries you would expect from your holiday.