Whitbarrow Scar Orchid & Juniper

The views from this high limestone pavement, formed 350 million years ago, are incredible. There are orchids, including dark-red helleborines, blue moor grass, and rock roses, growing in the cracks. Seek out the stunted junipers sculpted by the wind on Farrer’s Allotment, or the trees bent double on Flodder Allotment near Lord’s Seat. In one place you can find upright stones jammed into the paving grooves. It’s unclear if these are natural or have been placed. White Scar is a huge white cliff and very impressive from below. There’s a spring under the cliffs at Beck Head.

Directions: Pull off road to park by the drive to Witherslack Hall School at LA11 6SD. The track/ footpath leads up onto the scar ridge about a mile NE between Black Yews and Chapel Head Scars. Bear L for Lord’s Seat summit cairn and for a shorter loop descend to Pool Bank past Fairies Cave (see 20). Or bear R for Farrer’s Allotment and stunted juniper and for a longer loop continue S and drop down to Buckhouse Wood (LA11 6SJ) or, further still, drop down before White Scar (LA8 8EU). Then back NW along the footpath beneath the crags, via the springs at Beck Head (LA11 6SH). 6 miles.