Top 5 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for 2023

By the nature of our business, we place great emphasis on the value of the natural environment, and we are committed to sustainable business principles. We love to partner and work with like-minded businesses and encourage our guests to think sustainably too.

Whilst we all love Christmas, it can be incredibly wasteful. We all know that person who loves the outdoors and especially likes having all the best kit! This year we have put together some of our favourite must have kit from brands that not only make great quality products but are also leading the way in their approach to sustainable business practice, demonstrating this through their commitments to B Corp, 1% for the Planet, and other sustainable certifications.

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Top 5 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for 2023 (photo by Kampgrounds of America)

Image Source: Kampgrounds of America



Why is Sustainable Glamping Gear Important?

There are so many reasons to buy sustainable glamping and camping equipment this year. If you’re thinking of buying some new kit for those much-loved camping or glamping trips, consider some of the following points before you buy…


  1. Will it stand the test of time?

If you choose to buy good quality kit that will last a long time, you won’t need to replace it often (or at all). This results in less consumption, as good quality equipment from trusted brands will serve you for many years to come!


  1. Is it reusable and can it be fixed or re-purposed?

Some companies like Alpkit offer an instore repair service for not only their own equipment but for all other outdoor brands too. If you have any piece of kit lying around at home that needs a quick fix, think about trying to repair it before you throw it away or buy a replacement.


  1. Is there a pre-owned version of the product?

If you’re keen to buy eco-friendly gifts for people who really care about the planet, the best possible gift you can give is second-hand equipment. Lots of people have high-quality gear that they no longer have use for and would be grateful for someone to breathe new life into it. Some outdoor brands even sell pre-worn kit that has been refurbished into new condition. Great places to find a good bargain are eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Vinted and Depop!


  1. Is the product made from recycled materials?

Choosing to buy recycled goods is a key ingredient of sustainable living. Patagonia is a great brand for selling stylish, durable outdoor clothing, and most of their items are made from recycled materials. They offer a repair service, have a pre-worn shop, they’re members of 1% for the Planet, and they’re leading the way in business sustainability practice. You may pay a little more for Patagonia gear, but it’s an investment that will last for years to come.


  1. Does the company actively work to operate in a sustainable carbon neutral manner?

When browsing for gifts, you may want to spend a little extra time researching the companies you’re looking to buy from. Check out their sustainability statement and find out if they’re members of any organisations that reflect their ethos; BCorp Certification, 1% for the Planet, Good Business Charter. If they are, you can rest assured that you’re buying from a company that cares about the environment as much as you do.


  1. Does the person really need it?

Will it be loved, used, worn, and enjoyed? If not, don’t buy it!



Our Guide to Buying Sustainable Glamping Gear

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite environmentally friendly Christmas gift ideas for the outdoor adventurers and nature lovers in your life:


1) Alpkit’s Vagabond Camping Chair – £39.99

Alpkit’s Vagabond Camping Chair









This collapsible camping chair packs down to a small and convenient size, easily squishing into jam-packed car boots. It’s a real must-have for putting your feet up and enjoying some well-earned rest once the tent is up!

Alpkit’s mission is ‘People and planet before profit’. Their love of the outdoors and the world’s wild places guides the way they do business. They pride themselves on prioritising the environment, their staff, suppliers, animals, community, and their customers. Everything is connected. This simplicity is best encapsulated in their phrase: Go Nice Places, Do Good Things.


B corp 1% for the planet Living Wage employer


2) Light My Fire’s Titanium Spork (soon to be stocked at Moss Howe Farm campsite shop) – €25.00

Light My Fire’s Titanium Spork









This titanium spork is essential for camping and glamping trips, with extreme strength, durability, and lightness. It’ll meet the most rugged of challenges and won’t ever break no matter how many times it’s dropped or stepped on!

Light My Fire are proud to progress in their business needs and aspirations without negatively exploiting the environment. Their sustainable approach to materials, transportation, production, CSR, design, and distribution creates a business where sustainability itself is a resource.


3) Klean Kanteen’s Rise Wine Tumbler (soon to be stocked at Moss Howe Farm campsite shop) – £19.95

Klean Kanteen’s Rise Wine Tumbler









This wine tumbler is the perfect blend of sophistication and sustainability. Made from 90% recycled stainless steel, the sleek design perfectly preserves aromas and makes for easy sipping.

Klean Kanteen measure their environmental impact so that they can take action to reduce it. This self-reflexive process drives decisions in all aspects of their business, from product design to supply chain, right through to how they get their products into customers’ hands.


B corp 1% for the planet

4) Cotopaxi’s Nido Accessory Bag – Cada Dia – £40

Cotopaxi’s Nido Accessory Bag - Cada Dia









This essential accessory bag is perfect for strapping around your waist for easy access to anything you might need during a camping trip or a long hike. Embark on exciting adventures with water bottles, chargers, and toiletries at your fingertips.

Cotopaxi know that their environmental impact begins with design. When creating products, their team goes the extra mile to source non-virgin and alternative fabrics that are better for the environment. Their goal is to make all their gear using recycled and repurposed materials by 2025.


B corp


5) Patagonia’s Refugio Day Pack 26L – £90

Patagonia’s Refugio Day Pack 26L

This go-to backpack is perfect for on-the-go living when you’re camping or glamping. Made from 100% recycled polyester, it features a padded laptop sleeve, breathable back panel, hydration hanger, bike light clip, and so much more to keep you going.

Since 1985, Patagonia has been a member of 1% for the Planet, pledging 1% of its sales to the preservation and restoration of the environment. They’ve awarded over $89 million in cash and in-kind donations to domestic and international grassroots environmental organisations, making a difference in their local communities.


1% for the planet



Sustainable Camping with Long Valley Yurts

Here at Long Valley Yurts, we run our business with sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. We are members of the 1% for the Planet organisation, meaning we donate 1% of all our earnings to the preservation and restoration of our natural world. It’s in our DNA to do everything possible to protect what we have now and for future generations, and our impact on the environment is always our first thought. We know our guests love the outdoors just as much as we do, and we can’t wait to welcome faces old and new for camping and glamping holidays in 2024. Book your stay with Long Valley Yurts today!