Our Top Tips for Buying Sustainable Gifts this Christmas

Here at Long Valley, we are passionate about the outdoors and everything in it. It’s in our DNA, and we strive to do everything possible to protect what we have now and for future generations. We are constantly seeking to improve our sustainable business practices and be more thoughtful about the impact we have on our environment. A part of this is about making conscious decisions about our business activities, what we buy and who we buy it from.

Christmas is just around the corner, and we’re looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends after a busy year, and of course giving and receiving gifts. Christmas can be very wasteful; but it doesn’t have to be. With pennies at a premium this year, we have put together some things to think about before you click that buy button. We have also included links to some great likeminded businesses and sustainable gift ideas for the budding camper/glamper in your life.


Give the Gift of Glamping Gear

If you’re wanting to purchase some new kit for those camping/glamping trips, whether that be for ourselves or as a gift for a fellow adventurer, wild swimmer, nature lover, trail runner, camper, glamper or hiker, it’s vitally important to consider these 6 things:

1. Will it stand the test of time?

Choose to buy good quality kit that will last a long amount of time and will not need replacing often or at all. This results in less consumption, as good-quality gear from a reputable brand (more on that later) will serve its purpose for many years.

2. Is it reusable and can it be fixed or re-purposed?

Or can the item be modified to extend its life? Some companies like Alpkit offer an instore repair service for not only their own kit but for all other outdoor brands too. So, if you have any piece of kit lying around at home that just needs a new zip, a patch, or a simple stitch repair, take it into Alpkit and it’ll be good as new in no time.

3. Is there a pre-owned version of the product?

Save old unwanted gear from going to landfill and buy pre-worn products. If you’re looking to buy eco-friendly gifts for people who really care about our planet, then the best possible gift you can give is second-hand gear. We aren’t talking about worn out boots or mouldy unusable kit; but high-quality used gear that has a story behind it that you can breathe new life into. Many outdoor brands (currently mainly in the US) sell pre-worn kit that has been re-furbished and is all but brand new. You could try browsing Ebay and Facebook Marketplace to pick up a good bargain!

4. Is the product made from recycled materials?

Opting to buy recycled goods is a key ingredient of sustainable living. Patagonia not only offers stylish, durable outdoor clothing, but most of their items are made from recycled materials. They also offer a repair service, have a pre-worn shop, are members of 1% for the Planet and are leading the way in business sustainability practice. You may pay a little more for Patagonia gear, but it’s scientifically proven to last for years, and you know where your money is being spent.

5. Does the company actively work to operate in a sustainable carbon neutral manner?

When browsing for gifts, spend a little time researching the companies you are looking to buy from and find out what they do with your money. Check out their sustainability statement and find out if they are members of any organisations that reflect their ethos; for example BCorp Certification, 1% for the Planet or the Good Business Charter. Have they won any awards for their commitments? If they have, you can rest assured that you are buying from a company that cares about the environment.

6. Does the person really need it?

Will it be loved, used, worn, or enjoyed? If not, don’t buy it!


Our Glamping Gift Guide

We have compiled a list of some awesome environmentally friendly, sustainable gift ideas for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers from our favourite outdoor adventure companies:

  • Alpkit’s motto is “go nice places, do good things”. They are an industry leading BCorp certified provider of high-quality outdoor kit and equipment. Our favourite glamping accessory from Alpkit is the Soundbite – a combination of a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker and camping lantern.

  • Patagonia’s founder co-created the 1% for the Planet movement back in 2002; a global network of businesses that pledge to give 1% of their overall profits to certified non-profit projects that will help protect our planet. Our favourite glamping accessory from Patagonia is the Black Hole Duffel Bag – an 100% recycled bag that will easily store a week’s worth of camping gear.

  • Nalgene are pioneers of the reusable water bottle, and they have kept millions upon millions of single-use plastic bottles out of landfills and oceans over the last 70 years. Our favourite glamping accessory from Nalgene is the Wide Mouthed Water Bottle – one of the most useful, versatile, and durable water bottles on the market today.

  • Finisterre is a British BCorp certified brand rooted in the Cornwall surf scene, offering a fantastic collection of men and women’s clothing that is built for adventure. Our favourite glamping accessory from Finisterre is The Bosun Sock – a 90% British wool blended sock that is perfect for long wintery walks.

  • Rumpl is a Californian BCorp certified company and a member of 1% for the Planet. They supply fine camping blankets, throws, towels, a whole host of other funky outdoor gear. Our favourite glamping accessory from Rumpl is the Original Puffy Blanket in Geo – combining the same technical materials found in premium sleeping bags and insulated jackets to keep you warm and cosy inside and out.


Holidays with a Breath of Fresh Air at Long Valley Yurts

We believe that Long Valley Yurts is also deserving of a place on this list. We are a certified Silver Green Tourism Award holder, are accredited through the Good Business Charter, and were super proud to win the Green/Ethical Business of the Year category at the InCumbria Awards a couple of weeks ago.

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