Church Beck Gorge Scramble
Half Day

The word ‘Ghyll’ in Ghyll Scramble is the Cumbrian word for mountain stream and the activity is often called Gorge Scramble or Canyoning.

It is only natural to feel confused when you see the different names however, it is all about the same, fun-filled outdoor activity!

On an important side note: The motto for this half-day outdoor activity is ‘the wetter the better’.

This half-day Ghyll / Gorge Scrambling trip will include;

  • Ascending a Lake District stream
  • Slides
  • Climbs
  • Jumps down waterfalls into the pools
  • And more!

This fun half-day activity is the most popular one out there right now. If you have never tried this before it is a ‘must do’ outdoor activity when you are in the Lake District.

You will be buzzing with adrenaline by the end of this scrambling experience.

But not to worry! All the challenges are set to your needs and wants, it is not mandatory to complete the whole course and given the area, there are always alternate ways available.

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