Some great recipe ideas

Cooking great food in the outdoors with friends and family is one of the simple joys of camping, it just somehow tastes better. There’s just nothing quite like sitting around the fire with the sizzle and smell of the evening meal on the grill. You will be amazed what is possible with a few basic ingredients, a couple of good recipes and a sense of adventure.

Here are a few of our favourite recipes, all tried and tested by the Long Valley Yurts team. A special thanks to Cool Camping and Martin Dory and Sarah Randell for their recipes, they’re great and super tasty. Please feel free to download a copy of the recipes try them at home and bring them away with you on your holidays.


More great camping recipes

Available in the simply superb The Camper Van Cookbook by Martin Dory and Sarah Randell and the Cool Camping Cookbook by Punk Publishing . Good for simple delicious recipes both at home or away.

Cool Camping

Available from Punk publishing

Camper Van

By Martin Dorey and Sarah Randell