Some Secret Beauty Spots


OS Grid SJ9865. A secret untouched spot, known to only a few, Ludchurch is believed that the rock formation was considered by early Pagans to be a sacred place, most likely due to the phenomenon that occurs on Midsummer’s Day where only on this day does the Sun’s light penetrate deep into the chasm. The likes of Robin Hood, Friar Tuck are reputed to have hidden from the authorities within it. If you happen to stumble upon this on a weekend, you may catch a Congregation and a service down here. If not it’s a great place for a flask of tea and sandwich

Thors Cave

OS Grid SK0955. Thors Cave is the most spectacular site of the Manifold Valley. A must see if you are coming to stay in the Yurts. The rock in which it is set rears up out of the hillside like a giant fang with the cave entrance forming a hole ten metres in diameter, a sight which is clearly visible for several miles. The cave can be easily reached quite easily from Wetton and is well worth the visit for a scramble inside or climb onto the prow above the cave itself for excellent views of the Manifold Valley. It is a secret quite place and was used as a backdrop for the band The Verve.

Monsal Head/Dale and Hideaway Pubs

OS Grid SK1871. Choose a day when the visibility is fine to really benefit and take in Monsal Head’s famous beauty spot, it offers magnificent views down Monsal Dale and up the Wye valley. The view is spectacular, with the river far below, winding through a steep-sided and often rocky valley.

The route of the former Midland Railway makes its way along Monsal Dale and was carried by the impressive viaduct over the river and into a tunnel which goes right beneath Monsal Head. There are many superb spots to picnic by the river but if you climb up the valley you notice the warm inviting glow of Monsal Head Hotel and Inn and a local made Ice Cream shop and Cafe. Its a climb you will be glad you have made, the spot offers benches along the top allowing you to take in the stunning views.