Local Ales

If sampling the local ale is your thing then the Lake District definitely has its fair share of micro breweries and growing array of local beers. There are currently 24 beer breweries and two cider makers, whose tasty tipple you could sample after a long day in the mountains. Have fun trying to find them all and more importantly finding your way back again! Here are a couple of links to some of our favourites;

Hawkshead Brewery
Jennings Brewery
Consiton Brewery
Tirrel Brewery
The Watermill Inn

Gingerbread from Grasmere

Why not try some of Grasmeres famous gingerbread. This is the only place in the world you will be able to buy it. Great with a brew after a hard day in the mountains. See for more information and directions.

Cumberland Sausage rings

A must do if your coming to Cumbria. A classic British made sausage made with roughly chopped meat and lots of pepper. Traditionally comes in a coil and is great on the BBQ, best consumed with a bottle of local ale! Available from any good local butcher.

Kendal Mint Cake

Famous for having been carried to the top of Mount Everest in May 1953, on the first successful expedition to the summit Kendal Mint Cake can now rank as one of the world’s most travelled sweets. Why not take some with you on your ascent of some of the Lake District Peaks. Available in almost every shop in the Lakes!